Accessing the AZ 900 Network System:

The system is compromised primarily of Motorola Quantar repeaters.

All repeaters are 12.5Khz channel spacing, 2.5Khz Deviation Narrow-band FM: -25Mhz input

PL/DPL is full time enabled on TX/RX for all repeaters in the system. P25 in use at some sites.

Motorola HearClear – must be disabled unless using California repeaters

Kenwood Compandering – must be disabled

NARROWBAND ONLY – 900Mhz has never been a wide-band spaced band plan

Some repeaters have a non standard TX input frequency to eliminate interference.

Please DO NOT enable any form of “companding” or poor audio will result on your radio.
Raspy or fuzzy sounding audio indicates you have “companding” turned on.         

Arizona Allstar 900 MHz Group Repeater List Version 9


Future Sites:

Greens Peak – East/NE Arizona

Guthrie Peak / Mt. Graham – SE Arizona

Mt. Benedict – Nogales, Arizona


New Sites online:

Vail, Arizona

Elephant Head, Green Valley, Arizona

Ninilchik, Sitka, Alaska